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Visual Design

From posters to pamphlets, I can make almost any kind of promotional material for digital or print use. My experience includes commissions for performances and university campus events, as well as a sample portfolio of my own. I typically offer clients two examples to choose from in the early stages so that we can pinpoint the direction you want to move in.

Book Covers

I can create captivating book covers of all kinds, with a specialty of fantasy-focused ebooks. I believe that book covers should be grabbing and clever and that the thematic imagery should be nuanced rather than superficial. If new readers are enticed and old readers nostalgic upon seeing the cover, then I have done my job.


I am most experienced in natural light photography. My portfolio specialties are portraiture, event photography, and pet photography, though I also have a few examples of landscape and street photography. Given proper resources, I am also capable of commercial studio photography with models.


Although photo editing and Photoshop skills are involved in the categories above, this is a more specific showcase. Here, I demonstrate my ability to change faces, backgrounds, color, and more; I am also well-versed in gif development.

Digital Painting

Arguably, my compositional skills are most on display here, as I have complete control over every aspect of the image. Up to now, I have mainly leveraged these skills for album covers and concept art; however, I could use them to create or augment book covers, posters, and more.