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Whether blogging, promotional copy, social media, or another platform, I have a substantial portfolio of writing copy on a variety of topics. I know that style and voice matters. Connecting with your audience drives long-term relationships with customers, and copy is where that all starts.

Visual Storytelling

From visual design to photography, photomanipulation, and digital painting, I enjoy telling stories via visual composition.


My skills in videography center around composition and editing, and I’m fully versed in Adobe Premiere Pro.

However, I am also well-versed in lighting, sets, and sound. In the past, I’ve used Canon T7i’s and I am more than capable of applying my skills on any studio shoot.

Platform Jump

A functional game coded in JavaScript with the help of the play.js library.  Live version here.

Solo Web Design

A screenshot of a website that I built coding directly in HTML and CSS. (It is not live anywhere but the code can be sent upon request.)

Web Design

I have skills in web coding: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I am also familiar with web building using tools such as WordPress and DIVI, and Wix. More than that, I believe my design and composition skills help create visually unique, interactive works.