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Storytelling to celebrate your brand

About Me

Dayna Diamond, BA Economics

Objective: Content Development, Social Media Contracts
The perfect nexus for my passion for business and storytelling is content development and marketing. I have the data analysis skills to analyze results and hone strategy, and my love of written and visual storytelling drives me lovingly craft brands, creating voices and marketing direction that truly reflects company values and personality.

My digital experience covers a few mediums at great depth, working across technological platforms, from digital design to blogging to web building. These skills include copywriting, visual design, photo editing/manipulation, videography, and digital painting. I am also fluent in German.

I am currently a teaching assistant and an MFA candidate at UCSC, in addition to two remote positions in marketing. This website currently serves as a professional portfolio, and my latest resume can be seen here. If you have any questions or would like to discuss contract work, please contact me at